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      Yes… there really are difficult people – and dealing with difficult people is something that almost everyone dreads. Fortunately there are proven strategies that will make it easier to deal with your difficult person.

      If you have ever had to deal with a difficult person in your business or personal life, this eight minute video will explain exactly why every difficult person is difficult – and give you a strategy to use with them.

      The good news is that every difficult person is difficult for the same reason so the same strategy will work for everyone.

      Your outcome will not be to “fix” the difficult person – you can’t. The result of the strategy is that they will stop doing their difficult behavior with you.


      Why Difficult People Are Difficult

      Difficult people are difficult because it gets them something positive from their perspective and their difficult behavior is the best strtegy they have to get the positive thing they want. Unfortunately, most of these stratgies have negative side effects such as alienating other people – this is what makes them difficult people. Here’s an example: someone might use anger or whining to get what they want. They have learned over their lifetime that while this strategies has negative side effects, it can get them the positive thing they want (perhaps control of people and situations).

      Three Steps To Stopping Difficult Behaviors

      1. Determine the Motiviation. What positive thing they get from the behavior?
      2. Stop it From Working so that they no longer get the good thing from the bad behavior.
      3. Give Them A Better Way to get the positivive outcome they seek so that they no longer need to use the bad behavior.