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Private Coaching Can Help You
Solve Your Problems And
Accelerate Your Success

Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What The Problems Are

Or What You Want Out Of Life

A personal letter from Paul…


What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you have all that you deserve?

What is possible for you?

What (if anything) is holding you back?

Imagine exploring these questions with someone to help you realize your best dreams and become the person you always wanted to be.

That is coaching.

How Coaching Can Help You

What is remarkable is the sheer power and versatility of how coaching and how it can help you.

  • Improve performance in your chosen profession
  • Solve problems – even if you aren’t sure what they are
  • Build better relationships – both personal and business
  • Uncover your purpose, vision, and goals – both as a person and an organization
  • Provide inspiration and avoid the siren call of doing things they way they have always been done
  • Explore the present and design the future

Three Things That Make My Coaching Unique And Effective 

1. Actionable Systems, Frameworks, and Strategies

Because of my communication style and my background in software development, I love action, outcomes, and results.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like people and enjoy hearing their stories. I do!

It means that I think in terms of step-by-step strategies, systems, and frameworks that actually produce results.

During out time together I’m not going to just help you uncover what to do, I’m going to give you solutions, systems, and frameworks for doing it.

To me it’s the difference between preaching (telling you what to do) and teaching (how to do it.)

This doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy compassion, because I do.

I can’t coach without it…. but I don’t want to just hear about the problem or situation, I want to help you solve it.

If this appeals to you, let’s have a conversation.

2. I Believe You Probably Already Know What To Do

The second thing that makes me unique is that I believe that you probably already know the answers to your problems!

You may be stuck in a cycle of thinking that prevents you from seeing the answers or accessing the resources (internal and external) you already have, but there is a high likelihood that you have at least some idea of what to do.

Even still, it’s quite natural to talk to someone before you take action

This is why my major method of coaching is not talking or teaching – it’s listening and questioning.

My goal is to hear what you’ve got to say and absorb and understand your reality. Then I’ll ask you some questions to clarify your thinking and¬† help you discover the answers and resources you need.

But don’t worry… if you don’t know what to do, I’ll use my forty years of experience and study to teach you what you need to know when you need to know it.

3. I’ll Give You Accountability And Support As Needed

Different people need different levels of accountability and follow up.

If you’re the type of person who needs to know that someone will be asking you how things are going, I enjoy supporting you in any way you need.

If you prefer to simply know what to do and like to take action on your own without any follow up, I’m glad to do what works best for you.

The Parts Of Your Life Are Not Separate

So we can talk about whatever you want.

For most people, their business / work life impacts their personal / home life and visa versa, so we usually end up talking about both at the same time.

Not everyone does this, but most people find it valuable because when you solve your challenges in one area of your life, it benefits you in all areas of your life.

And… when you uncover your direction and goals (if this is what you want to do), all areas of your life should be integrated together so you stay well balanced. In my view, success in business without success in your personal life is not success.

My Promises To You

  • I will hold our conversations in absolute confidence and I ask that you do the same.
  • I will never invalidate or judge you. Whatever you think and say is your reality and valid for you.
  • I will use my forty five years of experience, learning, and working with tens of thousands of people to your advantage.
  • You will always understand the “why” behind any “how” before you begin.
  • You are always in charge. I will give you advice and direction, but I am not the boss of you.
  • We will seek to have fun and enjoy our time together even if facing serious challenges.
  • Time is our most valuable asset. We will respect each other’s time.
  • You have not yet reached the limit of what you are capable of.

PS. Because of my schedule, I am limited to five private coaching clients at a time. If you see the application button above, that means that there is a spot available and we should have a conversation to find out if we are a good match.