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Leading By Influence

How to Get Enthusiastic Cooperation Even If You Don’t Have Authority

Get buy-in and motivate you staff and other stakeholders to support your vision and goals by asking questions instead of using persuasion or logic.

As a leader, you are frequently expected to manage and obtain results from people and situations where you don’t have (or can’t use) traditional “do as I say” managerial authority.

Learn how to quickly find the personal motivators for each person you meet and align your goals with their motivators to create win/win solutions. Also learn how to create empowering questions that help people to discover unknown resources, solve their own problems, and take ownership of the solutions.


How To Change Your Emotions

TEDx: Why You Feel The Way You Do And How To Change It

Have you ever had an unwanted emotion? Most people have.

Sometimes our most important and challenging communication is with ourselves

In this TEDx talk, Paul explains exactly what causes emotions (even if they seem to be automatic), how to know if you should change an emotion, and a simple question you can use to change any emotion that isn’t serving you well.

Solving The People Puzzle

How To Understand Yourself and Those Around You

Research shows that effective communication is the best and often most overlooked way to improve the success of a team. Often the biggest workplace challenges are the result of minor communication conflicts that can quickly and easily be addressed, if only they are identified. By investing in your team’s communication, you are investing directly into the strength of your organization.

The most successful teams are those where members understand each other’s communication styles and their own natural communication tendencies.  It’s not enough to take a passive approach and expect this level of understanding to happen on its own. Organizations must be intentional about helping their team members identify their communication styles and learn how to effectively communicate with each another.

Watch as Paul divides a room of two hundred people into their natural communication styles and they discover each others strengths and challenges.

Find out more about Communication Styles 2.0™ for Teams.


How To Shake Hands

Here’s How To Make An Instant Positive Impression

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But it’s not…

People form an opinion of you within four seconds of meeting you (fair or not), which is long before you have a chance to say anything. Because of this, how you shake hands will have a large impact on their opinion of you. Here’s my demonstration of how to shake hands. Enjoy!