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      Communication Training Videos From Live Events

      Each of these communication training videos was recorded at a live event and contains a valuable communication principle that you can learn by watching.

      If you want to bring high quality communication training to your organization, contact us about having communiction expert Paul Endress conduct a customized communication training for you.


      The Magic of Communication Styles

      This video ( a few years old) is a twenty minute edit of a one hour seminar where Paul divides a room of about two hundred people into their communication sytles and they discover each others strengths and challenges.


      The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

      In this short segment, Paul brings a woman up onto the stage and demonstrates the power of nonverbal communication.

      It’s Better To Be Smart Than Lucky!

      In this introduction to a persuasion seminar, Paul recounts the story of an important lesson he learned from his first mentor.

      How To Shake Hands