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      Communication Training Videos From Live Events

      Each of these communication training videos was recorded at a live event and contains a valuable communication principle that you can learn by watching.

      If you want to bring high quality communication training to your organization, contact us about having communiction expert Paul Endress conduct a customized communication training for you.


      TEDx: Why You Feel The Way You Do And How To Change It

      Have you ever had an unwanted emotion? Most people have.

      In this TEDx talk, I explain exactly what causes emotions (even if they seem to be automatic), how to know if you should change an emotion, and a simple question you can use to change any emotion that isn’t serving you well.

      How To Shake Hands

      People form an opinion of you within four seconds of meeting you (fair or not), which is long before you have a chance to say anything. Because of this, how you shake hands will have a large impact on their opinion of you. Here’s my demonstration of how to shake hands. Enjoy!

      The Magic of Communication Styles

      This video ( a few years old) is a twenty minute edit of a one hour seminar where Paul divides a room of about two hundred people into their communication sytles and they discover each others strengths and challenges.

      Why Communiation Fails

      The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

      In this short segment, Paul brings a woman up onto the stage and demonstrates the power of nonverbal communication.

      It’s Better To Be Smart Than Lucky!

      In this introduction to a persuasion seminar, Paul recounts the story of an important lesson he learned from his first mentor.