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the people puzzle

Watch as Paul divides a room of 200 people into their communication styles.

Three Key Points From The People Puzzle

Communication is the accurate transfer of an idea from one person to another.

Everyone has a natural communication style. It is your responsibility to understand and adapt to the styles of others.

People have predictable patterns. Understanding them instantly makes you a more effective communicator.

Solving The People Puzzle

How To Easily Create And Deliver Messages Everyone Will Understand

Develop and deliver clear and persuasive communications by discovering and adapting to the natural communication style of any individual or audience.

Solve The People Puzzle

If you have ever wondered why they don’t “get it”, this is for you. Sometimes our natural communication tendencies serve us and the organization well, but sometimes there are real – and potentially disastrous – problems caused when everyone does what comes naturally.

Learn an easy-to-use model you can use to quickly understand your natural communication tendencies and those of everyone you meet. Then, instantly adapt your communication style to match the styles of others to make sure that your ideas are clear and easily understood by the other person(s). You can also use the model to uncover and optimize team communication patterns.

Highly interactive and fun!

Make it easy for people to adopt your ideas by presenting needed information in the way that is easiest for each person to understand.
Craft effective email messages by adapting the content and style of your writing to contain the optimal amount of information preferred by the other person.
Build high functioning teams by uncovering group communication patterns and balancing the natural styles of the team members.
Resolve conflict caused by misunderstood or mismatched communication styles.

Because effective communication is the foundational skill that underlies all other skills, our mission is to create frameworks and strategies that any person or team can use to communicate more effectively regardless of their background or current skill level.

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