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Leading By Influence

How To Get Cooperation Without Authority

Recorded in front of 2,000 people at the SHRM national conference in Las Vegas June 2019

Why Leading by Influence

Learn how to get buy-in and motivate by asking questions instead of using persuasion or logic.

As a leader, you are frequently expected to manage and obtain results from people and situations where you don’t have (or can’t use) traditional “do as I say” managerial authority.

Learn how to quickly find the personal motivators for each person you meet and align your goals with their motivators to create win/win solutions. Also learn how to create empowering questions that help people to discover unknown resources, solve their own problems, and take ownership of the solutions.

  • Align initiatives with stakeholder motivations to get enthusiastic buy-in.
  • Create win/win solutions to problems by uncovering hard-to-find shared objectives.
  • Empower people to solve their own problems by uncovering previously unknown resources.

Leading by Influence Key Points

Leadership is getting people from here to there.

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The difference between management and manipulation is that
management is win/win and manipulation is win/lose.

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If you tell someone something, you own it.

If you ask questions, they own it. Ask good questions.

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How Can Paul Help Your Organization?

Paul’s reputation as a subject matter expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader is built on his ability to simplify complex subjects and deliver easy-to-use frameworks audiences can use to quickly solve problems and optimize communication patterns in organizations and teams of all sizes.

He is a thought-leader and researcher with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.