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Communication Styles For Teams

How To Understand Yourself And Those Around You

What You Will Learn

In a perfect world, everyone works together beautifully… but sometimes that’s not the reality.

Sometimes our natural tendencies serve us and the organization well, but sometimes there are real – and potentially disastrous – problems caused when everyone does what comes naturally.

In this video Paul divides a room of two hundred people into their communication styles and guides them as they discover their natural tendencies and how they interact with each other.


Two Takeaways From Communication Styles For Teams

Communication is the accurate transfer of an idea from one person to another.

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The communicator is responsible for the success of the communication.

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How Can Paul Help Your Organization?

Paul’s reputation as a subject matter expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader is built on his ability to simplify complex subjects and deliver easy-to-use frameworks audiences can use to quickly solve problems and optimize communication patterns in organizations and teams of all sizes.

He is a thought-leader and researcher with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.