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      What People Are Saying

      In these short stories, people tell how they used the power of questions to get dramatic results in both their business and personal lives.

      Each video is less than ninety seconds. Enjoy!

      Saving Her Father’s Life

      There are things more important than business and these communication skills are transferable to any situation.

      Getting A Collegue To Take Responsibility

      Whatch and listen as Marissa talks about a skill she learned that solved her problem and will serve her for the rest of her life.

      A Meaningful Conversation With Her Son

      What is the value of having a meaningful conversation with yoru teenage son? Watch as she desribes the experience and how she did it.

      Getting Cooperation Without Authority

      We are increasingly called upon to get results without having direct authority.

      Law Firm Partners Enthusiastic

      Possibly the best training ever say law firm partners.

      A Great “Ah Ha” Moment

      Listen as this particpant describes how he discovered that others can have a different interpretation of events – and how to use this to resolve conflict.

      Our vision is to hold a one-day conference in these three cities highlighting the best thought leaders there are – YOU!
      Lisa Hickey

      Associate Director, Northern California HR Association

      Many courses deliver content. This was the first short course I’ve ever taken where the material was delivered so well and so convincingly. The effort you have put into preparing and delivering this material is more than I can comprehend right now. The timing, staging, cadence… Paul, your consideration of the audience demonstrates how effective these tools can be, and in the process of this demonstration introduced some of the most powerful skills I have ever learned about. This course and your delivery is nothing short of masterful.
      M. Johnston


      Paul’s materials were excellent and provided a excellent framework to the material covered. Paul did a wonderful job keeping the classes attention with the right mixture of lecture, interaction and group discussion. I don’t think I could say enough good things about Paul, he did a fantastic job.
      D. Bowes

      CNOOC Canada Inc.

      This is what can make or break a company. Excellent session.
      Susan Shearadon

      Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues

      I cannot think of a single thing that would have improved this program!
      William Jackson

      Toastmasters International Convention

      The overall course was excellent, for the first time I am able to walk away with the course material and actually have something to reference. THE INSTRUCTOR MR. ENDRESS WAS ONE OF THE BEST I’VE SEEN, OPEN, HONEST AND HE HAD THE ATTANDENTS BEST INTEREST IN MIND, IF I HAVE NOT LEARN’T FROM ATTENDING THIS COURSE IT’S MY FAULT! Other course materials I’ve received from Peice was in presentation format and really limited for any future reference.
      S. Tsechette


      I would like to give you a special thanks for teaching me the skill on having people to help me to get what I want, in the Effective Communication Seminar last year. I had the opportunity to try it out last week, and it worked like a charm!! I have successfully get my hotel reservation at a conference rate, which is supposed to be all booked up and not available anymore!

      I’m just so excited, and would like to share my excitement with you! What a valuable skill to have!

      Thanks again for everything you have taught me.

      T. Chan

      Cenovus Energy

      Exceptional. Energetic and informative
      Hermina Batson

      Vice President, The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Ltd.

      Keep doing what you’re doing. These types of sessions really work!
      Andrea B.

      Assistant Director of HR, LIM College