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      The New England Patriots will win Superbowl XII on Feb. 4!

      Many analysts are saying the same thing (as of today, the betting line expects the Patriots to win by 5 points), but the reason I am making my prediction has nothing to do with the X’s and O’s or the strategy of the game – it has to do with their communication strategies.

      Specifically, my prediction is based upon their strong intention to win. This intention means that they never give up because they know that they are going to win. Even if they are behind by twenty five points in the fourth quarter like they were in last year’s Superbowl.

      When you have a strong intention, your mind and body combine to give off unconscious signals that everyone around you reads and understands and this has a powerful impact on your competitors. When your intention is strong they instinctively understand that you expect to win and it affects them in subtle ways that increase your likelihood of winning.

      How can you put this to use to your advantage?

      What you say when you talk to yourself and others is the key to setting a strong intention. Positive self-talk is a start, and eventually it will become a belief that will increase your likelihood of getting what you want in both your business and personal life.

      Enjoy the game!