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      Effective Workplace Communication

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      Paul Endress brings his models on effective workplace communication, influence, and effective team communication strategies to tens of thousands of leaders each year.

      Whether your organization is already doing well and want to do better, need to solve a communication, or seeking a thought-provoking, engaging and relevant keynote address for your group, Paul will inspire your audience and leave them with actionable change strategies..

      Below is a sampling of Paul’s most requested talks.


      Effective Workplace Communication Topics

      How To Accelerate Your Success By Building A Communication Culture™


      Talking Is Not Communicating!


      Every executive and team has experienced the frustration and cost of failed communication.


      Even the most talented workers who are sincerely doing their best fall prey to the natural inclination to be persuasive and “win” rather than understand, or be defensive if they perceive they or their ideas are being attacked (whether they really are or not.) Lack of emotional safety, over reliance on email, personality conflicts, false perceptions, past negative patterns, and hidden goals further erode employee engagement and productivity.


      Imagine instead a workplace where high levels of trust and safety allow ideas to be expressed without fear and evaluated objectively without defensiveness or private agendas. Where knowledge is transferred freely and listening to understand rather than arguing to win is the norm.

      This is the Communication Culture™, one where people seek to understand and adapt to each other – and its creation is more possible than you think.

      In this high-energy session, we’ll learn the critical difference between talking and communicating, why communication tends to fail, and four steps you can take immediately to begin creating a Communication Culture that inoculates your organization against the four Cracks in Communication that start small and silently destroy companies, careers, and relationships.

      We’ll also learn how to instantly measure the current Communication Culture of any group, diagnose problems, and use the Communication Equation to move toward a Communication Culture that removes road blocks and accelerates any individual, team, or organization toward their priorities and goals.

      Communication Styles

      An Easy Way To Craft And Deliver Messages That Everyone Will Understand

      Create clear, persuasive communications by using your natural communication tendencies to your advantage and quickly adapting to others as necessary


      Effective communication is the foundational skill that makes you a better leader, manager, or team member. In this interactive session you will learn an easy-to-use communication model you can use to understand your natural tendencies and adapt your natural style as needed so you can deliver easily understood and appropriate messages to a variety of individuals and audiences. If you have someone you have trouble communicating with, you will learn why and what to do about it.

      • Facilitate the communication necessary to implement initiatives by using your natural strengths and compensating for your weaknesses
      • Solve communication problems by understanding the natural conflict between different communication styles and compensating for it
      • Build more productive teams by uncovering group communication patterns and balancing the natural styles of the team
      • Adapt your natural communication style to that of the listener so your message is easily understood

      Benchmark yourself and your team to find your true level of effectiveness and solve problems as necessary

      Leading By Influence

      How To Get Enthusiastic, Voluntary Cooperation Even If You Don’t Have Authority

      Get enthusiastic buy-in for your ideas among senior leadership and staff at all levels even when you don’t have managerial authority


      As a business professional, you are frequently expected to manage and obtain results from people and situations where you don’t have (or can’t use) traditional “do as I say” managerial authority. Learn how to quickly find the personal motivators for each person you meet and create customized win/win motivational sequences to give them what they want (even if they don’t know what it is) and get enthusiastic cooperation with your outcomes.


      • Get enthusiastic buy-in among internal and external stakeholders for initiatives by matching your initiatives with their natural motivators.
      • Motivate staff and other stakeholders to enthusiastically support your vision and goals by customizing your approach without changing your goals.
      • Create win/win solutions to problems by uncovering shared objectives even when there don’t appear to be any.
      • Influence leadership and staff at all levels to support organizational change even if they are naturally change resistant.
      • Build support for your ideas by using the principle of unbalanced reciprocity to move people from neutral or negative to positive.

      I Think I Know What I Think You Said

      How To Avoid Misunderstandings and Get Your Message Across

      Learn to increase understanding and reduce conflict by using the preferred language patterns of each person you communicate with.


      In this highly interactive program you will discover your natural representational system (how you absorb and retain information), how memories are formed, and how to use this insight to communicate with people individually and in groups in powerful ways that will make sure that messages are understood and remembered. Learn how to instantly adapt the words you are using to speak in the personal mental and emotional language that is easiest and most natural for each person you meet.


      • Get better results from every interaction by instantly identifying and adapting to the natural representational system of each person
      • Create support for your ideas and programs by delivering powerful presentations that will speak directly to each person in the audience
      • Build rapport by using words that deliver your message in a way that lets the listener know that you understand them
      • Smooth and improve business and personal relationships by using the word patterns preferred by your listener
      • Understand your own natural representational system and use it to your advantage

      Team Communication Checkup

      Measure And Improve Any Team’s Communication Effectiveness

      Learn an easy-to-use system to measure team communication effectiveness and use strengths and solve problems to improve team cohesion and productivity


      The communication effectiveness of a team directly impacts its productivity, profitability, engagement, and turnover. In this session, you will learn an easy-to-use system for measuring the quality of communication on any team, identifying challenges and strengths, and developing a plan for improvement. During the program, you will use the system to evaluate any team in your organization and leave with an improvement plan for that team.


      By the end of this session you will be able to:

      • Evaluate the current communication effectiveness of any team in less than two minutes and at no cost
      • Use a three-step system to build trust and safety to promote the sharing of knowledge on any team even if there are silos already in place
      • Diagnose team communication problems and design initiatives that promote effective team processes and environments
      • Remove obstacles to collaboration and open communication among stakeholders and team members