Effective Communication Blog

Effective communication is both an art and a science and in this blog I’ll give you my latest research and thinking on how to be a more effective communicator both at work and at home – even if you have struggled in the past!

How To Text A Compliment

Everybody loves to get a compliment, but unfortunately research shows that most people tend to give more criticism than praise. So, this Thanksgiving weekend pick someone who deserves a compliment and give it to them. Four Easy Steps To An Effective Compliment Not all...

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Dealing With Difficult People

Yes... there really are difficult people - and dealing with difficult people is something that almost everyone dreads. Fortunately there are proven strategies that will make it easier to deal with your difficult person. If you have ever had to deal with a difficult...

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Intention Is The Key To Leadership

How To Lead With Intention The Only Thing You Need To Lead Is Intention Have you ever come across an article, web page, book, or seminar about “how to lead?” Of course you have – we all have. I’ve even written some of them myself. You know the kind I mean: “The 9 (or...

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Texting And Relationships

Use Texting In A Relationship Carefully Even in our closest relationships, we're often likely to talk by text rather than face to face these days. Texting is great for conveying factual information or asking questions, but it can be dangerous when trying to discuss...

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The Communication Strategies of Donald Trump

Here Are Four Of The Strategies Donald Trump Used To Win The Republican Nomination You Can Use These Communication Strategies In Your Business And Personal Life Whether you love him, hate him, or are not sure, Donald Trump has a proven ability to communicate his...

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