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      Effective Communication Blog

      Effective communication is both an art and a science and in this blog I’ll give you my latest research and thinking on how to be a more effective communicator both at work and at home – even if you have struggled in the past!

      Failure Doesn’t Equal Defeat

      So… here’s the secret to getting the most out of anything that goes wrong. The events are going to occur and yes, we don’t want to pretend that they didn’t.

      The secret is in the way you define and label the event when you think about it.

      This is going to have a huge impact on whether that particular event turns out to be empowering and moving you toward a goal. Or un-empowering and holding you back and maybe even putting you in a place in your life where you can’t move forward.

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      The Danger Of Labeling People

      We use labels all the time to simplify life.

      The reason we use labels is because there’s so much information in the world that we can’t process every piece of it individually. So we group things together and we put labels on them. We have to do this to keep from being overwhelmed and maintain our sanity.

      Think about the labels you use for yourself and those around you.

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      Communication and Safety in Relationships

      Communication in relationships can be some of our most challenging communication because romantic partners know each other so well and unempowering communication patterns can creep in from almost the beginning of the relationship.

      In this article, I show you exactly how to break existing patterns and use effective communication to create a path to intimacy in any relationship.

      Download and use my ten agreements as a starting point and enjoy the results!

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      Why The Patriots Will Win The Superbowl

      The New England Patriots will win Superbowl LII because they have a strong intention to win, not just because of their strategy on the field.

      Learn how and why intention provides unconscious signals to those around you and how to use it to your advantage in your business and personal life.

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      How To Stop Emotional Blackmail

      Have you ever had to deal with emotional blackmail?

      Emotional blackmail is when somebody threatens you in such a way that if you do or don’t do something, they’re going to unleash an emotion on you.

      Here’s how emotional blackmail works and what to do about it.

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      Why Effective Communication Is Uncomfortable

      Effective communication can be uncomfortable because most people have never had any training in how to communicate effectively. In this short video learn why effective communication can be uncomfortable and what to do about it.

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      How To Deal With Difficult People

      Yes, there really are difficult people!

      In this post you will learn the only reason why people are difficult, and a simple three step strategy to get your difficult person to stop being difficult with you.

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