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How to create certainty for yourself and others during the COVID-19 crisis

Here are some very specific strategies and techniques you can use to create certainty in your own life and in the lives of others.

The Definition of Leadership

My definition of leadership is: Getting people from here to there.

It’s simple and easy to use.

This definition doesn’t just apply to getting others from here to there, it also applies to you as an individual.

Sometimes the most difficult person to lead is yourself!

Of course this raises the questions of “where is here?”, “where is there?” and how to we get there?”

These are great questions and in this post I’m going to give you an easy to use system to find the answers.

COVID-19 Has Created Uncertainty

Use it to your advantage!

You might not even know where here is in today’s world, because what used to equal A, used to equal B, it doesn’t seem like that’s true anymore.

If you don’t even know where here is, how can you find out where there is?

The solution is rather than trying to figure out where you are now, figure out where you want to go, decide where there is going to be.

We have maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity right now to reset our lives personally and in business, because when we come out of COVID-19 crisis, things aren’t going to be the same.

That makes this the perfect opportunity to decide where you want there to be and implement some changes that weren’t possible before.


Answer This Question To Find Certainty

What is most important?

On the surface, this is a simple question , but it is always the question that you ask when you’re trying to get certainty, whether you’re asking for yourself or your organization.

“What is most important to me?”

If you’re asking for your company, here’s the same question prased for yoru company.

“What is most important for my company?”

Or, maybe you’re asking to create certainty for your family or a realtionship.

“What is most important in my relationship?”

Once you have the answer to that question (and it’s worth some serious thought), the next step is to use the “why waterfall” to refine your answer.

How To Refine Your Answer

Many times when we answer this question, we get a good answer but it tends to be superficial.

It’s not that your answer is worng, it’s just that the question is a lot deeper than it seems, so we need to ask a few more questions to find out what is truly important.

At a live event, a typical answer to the question “what is most important?” might be “financial security”.

Another common answer is “a good relationship with my wife and children.”

Of course these are valid answers, but to get the certainty we need, we need to explore these answers at a deeper level.

So I’m going to suggest we use a technique that I learned from a three year old and I’d call it the “why waterfall.”

If you’ve ever been around a 3 year old and you say something to them, they are likely to ask you, “why?”

And when you give them an answer they ask, “why?”

And you’ll give them an answer and they’ll ask “why” again.

And they’re just keep asking until you finally say, “because I said so!”

Or you might say, “because that’s just the way it is!”

It can be a little crazy when you’re doing it with a 3 year old.

But, what if you keep asking yourself “why”?

Here’s An Example

Let’s imagine that the answer to “what is most important to me?” is “financial security”.


“Because I don’t have to want to worry about money.”


“Because it’s so stressful and it’s hurting my health.”


“Because I want to live a long time.”

You want to go to the deepest motivator that you can possibly find and living a long time is deeper than financial security.

Once you know what the motivator is, you can make plans to get it and the things you will do if health is most important could be very different than if money is most important.

In any case, you now have a level of certainty that you didn’t have before.

This is a fast and easy to use technique to create certainty in your life in this time of uncertainty.

You can also do this same exercise for your organization… you can even gather tyour team together and do it together using a whiteboard.

I have a more powerful technique called Setting Your Compass that yields a more detailed and higher quality result including specific strategies, goals, and tactics – but the Why Waterfall will get you started.

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