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Effective Workplace Communication Resources

These effective workplace communication training resources help everyone in your organization become a more effective communicator. Based upon a decade of research, the Communication Styles 2.0 model can be used to quickly improve the effectiveness of cmmunication in any situation. You can find out more about the Communication Styles 2.0 model here.

Communication Styles 2.0 Book

The Magic of Communication Styles

Communication Is the One Skill That Makes Everything Else Better

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t “get it”?

When was the last time you were on the receiving end of a bad
communication and thought that you “heard” someone else say one thing,
only to find out he or she really meant something else?

In The Magic of Communication Styles, interpersonal
communication expert Paul Endress gives you a simple system you can use
to understand your natural communication tendencies and the tendencies
of those around you. Then join the story of the employees of 366 Solar
as they use Paul’s system to understand and become more effective with
each other – and show you how to do the same.

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • One easy change in thinking that takes seconds to implement and gives you a lifetime of improvement
  • How to use the Circle of Styles to quickly get better results from every interaction
  • How to quickly “map” anyone’s style so you can instantly understand them
  • What makes difficult people “difficult” and how to get them to stop their difficult behavior with you
  • How to turn the four primary motivations behind every communication to your advantage

Communication Styles 2.0 Personal Insight Report

Become A Better Communicator…Fast

The new Communication Styles 2.0 algorithm reveals your natural communication tendencies and delivers your Personal Insight Report in less than ten minutes.

The online assessment takes less than ten minutes to complete and instantly delivers a customized report that you and everyone in your group can use to understand each other and get fast improvement – even if you have been communication challenged in the past.

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Communication Styles Online Training

The Magic of Communication Styles Online Training

The perfect compliment to the book, this one hour on-line training program is divided into ten easy-to-use segments that combine to give you a complete understanding of how to use communication styles to understand yourself and those around you.

Includes how to quickly find the style of anyone and what to do when styles get taken to and extreme and become bad behaviors.